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The Revolutionary Blackjack Advantage Method
That Can Be Mastered in just ONE DAY

Developed by:
Dr. Henry Tamburin, blackjack expert and best-selling author
Dan Pronovost, blackjack software developer
Dom "Dominator" LoRiggio, software designer and advantage player

Finally! Something that sounds too good to be true actually is true! Read on!

Do you enjoy blackjack? Would you like to get the edge at blackjack?

If you could, with very little effort in just one day with relatively low expense, get a valid, verifiable mathematical edge over the game would you be interested?

Maybe you've heard of card counting at blackjack, or even tried it. The great blackjack books all say how easy it is, and at first glance it might seem simple enoughÖ just add numbers, subtract numbers, then divide numbers, and maybe multiply numbers, then keep track of the total. Then figure out what percentage edge you have over the casino and bet a percentage of it. And then also memorize 18 to 50 or more changes to basic strategy according to the various counts. Then try not to have the casino bosses know you are counting cards and changing your strategy based on the count.

Suddenly what seemed so simple, gaining an edge at blackjack, wasnít so simple after all!

And as every professional card counter will tell you, it takes months of practice to learn even the simplest of valid card-counting systems and years to become a true expert. Sadly, many new "counters" make the critical mistake of using a system before they have perfected their skill at it. What happens to them? They crash and burn, often leaving the game with substantial losses and the thought, "Itís impossible to get the edge over the casinos by using card counting. Itís just too hard to learn and use!"

Other advantage-play methods at blackjack such as card steering, shuffle tracking, and the like take extraordinary abilities and talent, and immense dedication and extensive time commitments to learn and master. People who can perform these skills can be numbered in the dozens, not the hundreds, and they usually play at the professional level. These driven few are not recreational players; their whole day, their whole lives revolve around blackjack.

But blackjack players who can get a real edge over the casinos are really a rare breed owing to the difficulties mentioned above Ė the mental gymnastics you have to perform to keep an accurate count, convert that count by division and multiplication to determine your edge, then change your strategy according to the edge you now have. Itís difficult. Itís time consuming and itís fraught with potential error.

Thatís why, according to the Griffin Detective Agency that keeps tracks of advantage players, they have identified only 1,100 winning blackjack advantage players out of 51.2 million casino gamblers. Thatís just one successful blackjack player for every 47 thousand casino players!

If advantage-play blackjack were easily learned from a book, the sales of blackjack books (which number in the millions) would have created hundreds of thousands of blackjack advantage players. The fact that those blackjack books have only been able to create such small numbers of expert blackjack players is proof positive that advantage-play at blackjack is quite difficult.

Until now that is!

Imagine a technique that's so simple it only takes a few hours to master, yet will give you a verifiable mathematical edge over the casino.

Imagine if you could learn and apply this new method in the casino after only one day of practice! This might sound too good to be true but it is true!

Introducing the revolutionary
The easiest advantage blackjack method ever developed!

Imagine if Dr. Ed Thorp, the creator of card counting, had not published his revolutionary book, Beat the Dealer, in 1963 but instead offered to teach selected students blackjack card counting in intense seminars so that when they were finished they could go into the casino and get the edge Ė and the casinos would never know about it! Just imagine. The lucky ones who learned how to beat the game would be able to play undisturbed for years and years. There would be no back-offs, barrings, or harassment of skilled players as there are now. In fact, blackjack games would still be dealt from a single deck and the winning potential would be wonderful.

Sadly, we all know what happened in the past. Thorp did publish his book. The casinos did change the game. Card counters have ever since had to play a cat and mouse game with the casinos Ė and the big cats (the casinos) have largely eaten the little mice.

To survive in the casinos most card counters have to use extensive "camouflage," either not betting into their advantage all the way or deliberately making costly mistakes to appear not as savvy. All that camouflage comes with a price tag Ė it reduces, sometimes severely, a card counterís small edge. It creates problems in terms of remembering which strategy changes to make and which to discard. It adds to the mental fatigue of playing the game and can cause players to make mistakes they are not even aware of. And many other card counters wind up as long-term losers because they are unaware of just how much they are giving away to the casinos by their play!

The Speed Count is easy to learn and can be mastered completely in our one-day class. You will learn:

  • Youíll learn the SPEED COUNTĖ a powerful new method of card assessment Ė developed exclusively for Golden Touch Blackjack by blackjack expert and best-selling author Dr. Henry Tamburin ( and blackjack software developer Dan Pronovost (
  • Youíll learn the Optimum Basic Playing Strategy thatíll use with Speed Count. You'll use a single optimized strategy for each game, which not only improves your advantage but also provides a built-in cover since some plays don't correspond to popular basic strategy tables. There will be no need to change your strategy decisions based on the count, as traditional card counters must do to add to their edge.
  • Youíll learn which games to play to give the maximum advantage and which games to avoid.Youíll learn proper bet sizing based on your advantage and how to avoid what mathematicians call "risk of ruin," without having to actually do the math!
  • Youíll learn proper Money Management techniques and bankroll requirements for all levels of play.
  • Youíll learn entrance and exit strategies.
  • Youíll get valuable tips from Henry Tamburin based on his 40 plus years as a successful card counter.

Speed Count works equally well in single- and double-deck pitch games, or on four-, six- and eight-deck shoe games, which usually have lower minimums!

Should you take this course? After all, not all casino gamblers need or want to be advantage players. Some gamblers just enjoy being gamblers, relying on dumb luck.

This course is for you if:

  • You are a recreational casino player who would like to learn the game of blackjack and learn a technique that will give you the edge.
  • You are a blackjack player who has tried and failed to master card counting.
  • You are a blackjack player who finds counting cards to be laborious and exhausting and are looking for an easier way to get the edge.
  • You are a blackjack player that uses progressive betting, a technique that will never give you the edge over the casino.
  • You are a traditional basic strategy player who desires to become an advantage player, without spending countless days, months and years devoted to the learning process.
  • You are a player who is looking for an easier system where the trap of counting errors doesn't erase your earnings potential.
  • You are an advantage video poker or craps player (a controlled shooter) looking to add another advantage game to your arsenal.

The cost for the one-day Speed Count class is $697.

Think of it, just $697 to learn a method that will give you a mathematically verifiable edge over the house for years to come; the easiest advantage method ever developed, one you will learn and master in just one day! Itís certainly worth the one day and the tuition to be able to play with an mathematical edge over the casinos for years to come!

Casino gambling is fun but if you believe that winning is the most fun, then Speed Count is for you. Get the winnerís edge. Sign up for the Speed Count class today!

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